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MP3 transcriptions are normally at a sampling rate of 44,100Hz and a bit rate of 128kbps.


The CIMES March by Wilhelm Glückert

Kreisjugendmusikkapelle, Biberach/D conducted by Franz Barthold
Stereo MP3 (2.7MB) M3U 3:03

Audio Grand Prix 2008

“The Big Trainride” by Nico Warnaar

Cat. G - Set Subject. Narration in English by Theo Tamis
Equipment: Sony portable DAT recorder, Sennheiser stereo condenser microphone.
Stereo MP3 (15MB) M3U 8:00

Nico Warnaar writes (with minor edits): “In September 2006 I rode the Trans-Siberian Express. I flew from Amsterdam to Moscow and took the train from there, taking six days and nights to reach Beijing. From there I went home by plane.

“In a fast rhythm the long train goes past endless birchwoods, marshes, deserts and grey towns. In Siberia the train is the only means of transport the whole year round; asphalt will melt in the summer or freeze and break up in the winter. Inside the train a domestic atmosphere prevails.

“On the way I made many sound recordings with my inconspicuous reporting equipment. The Dutch voice actor is working at the Netherlands Worldbroadcast Radiostation.”

Audio Grand Prix 2007

“A Transport of Delight” by Mike Dickins

Cat. B - Reportage
Equipment: Sony MZ-N710 MiniDisk, Sony ECM MS907 mic,
Electrosound PE25 Mixer. Edited on Soundscape.
Stereo MP3 (7MB) M3U 7:42

Mike Dickins visits the Tramway Museum Society at Crich, Derbyshire, takes a tram ride and admires some of the buildings that have been painstakingly reconstructed on the site.

Audio Grand Prix 2006

“Liberate Tuteme Ex Infernis” by Nico Warnaar

Cat. G - Set Subject.
Equipment: Sony DAT recorder, Marantz CD, Technics TT
Computer with RME digi96 soundcard, Logic Audio sequencer software.
Stereo MP3 (2.7MB) M3U 3:00

Nico Warnaar writes: “Liberate Tuteme ex infernis is a traditional Latin saying. The adjuration means ‘Save us from hell’. With this compilation of sounds and music I have tried to formulate the ‘hurry and worry’ in this 2006 society. What kind of future are we headed for if this attitude continues?

“Our environment seems to be overloaded. It looks as if the world is running wild. All our actions nowadays have to be quick, compact and in multi-tasking mode. Can we keep this up?

“This production is in three chapters: 1. The highest acceleration, 2. You have to be faster and 3. You lose!”

Some Classic Recordings from Earlier Years

Audio Grand Prix 1976

by Colin Humphreys

Stereo MP3 (2.2MB) M3U 2:26

Audio Grand Prix 1971

“How to Make a Tape Recorder”
by Peter Bastin

Mono MP3 (1.1MB) M3U 2:21

Audio Grand Prix 1964

“Sink Symphony”
by Ray King

Mono MP3 (2.2MB) M3U 4:55

Other Recordings

Soundings Interview with Martyn Lycett

In 2002 Phil Mann interviewed the then FBTRC Secretary, Martyn Lycett for Soundings, a national audio magazine for visually-impaired people, and introduced its listeners to the Federation. The interview is introduced by John Henty.

MP3 (4.2MB) M3U 7:20

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