International Federation of Soundhunters
Fédération Internationale des Chasseurs de Sons
Internationale Tonjäger Föderation


Club and Amateur Links

Chatterbox Recording Club

Chris Owens - Photography, Nature Sound & Design

Ferrograph Tape Recorders

Get Reel - Open reel magazine.

Institute of Amateur Cinematographers

Intertape - German recording group (English page on site).

LV Bayern

Museum of Endangered Sounds (USA)

Österreichischer Tonjägerverband (E-mail).

Ring der Tonbandfreunde, Deutschland

Ring der Tonbandfreunde - Austria

Studio Acustica, Hamburg



Industry and Trade Links

Audiophile Audition - web magazine for high end audio etc.

The Binaural Source - CDs, samples and lots of good stuff for dummy head enthusiasts.

Music Business Producer - directory (USA)

Canford Audio - equipment supplier.

Foto Search Stock Music - royalty free music clips.

HHB - equipment and media supplier.

High End Society - European trade association (ENG)

Interessengemeinschaft der Hersteller - Vertriebe und Fachhändler (D)


Mobile High End Audio Community


River Pro Audio - equipment and media

Schoeps - professional condenser microphones

Scott Walker Audio - Esoteric Audio, acoustic services, cables etc.

Sennheiser UK Ltd.

Tape Recorder - sales and servicing, Revox specialist (Ipswich).

TSProfessional Sound & Light - Professional Audio Sales and Hire.

Community and Charity Links

Eastward Hospital Television

Maidenhead & District Talking Newspaper

South Wales Talking Magazine Association

Talking News Federation

Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdon (TNAUK)

UK Association for Alternative Formats

Wales Millennium Centre

Wymondham & Attleborough Talking Newspaper

Media Links

British Broadcasting Corporation

BBC Engineering 1922-1997

BBC News - Saving the Sounds of History

BBC Research & Development Archive

BBC Training - free online courses

Broadcasting Webring

Hertzbeat - top over-the-ear headphones

Line Up - Journal of the Institute of Broadcast Sound.

Microphone Data - guide to professional mics.

Radio France

Sound On Sound - magazine

SRG-SSR-Idée Suisse - Swiss Radio (D/F/ENG/I)

Télésud (France)

Miscellaneous Links

Atomic Software - Acoustics, test equipment and CDs, RISC OS Software.

Audio Family - Audiophile pages. - High End Audio Community

CD Info (English & French)

EMI Archive Trust

ESDS Qualidata: Audio-visual equipment

The Musical Museum, Brentford Middlesex

Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording - Austin Tx.

Salford Acoustics Audio & Video - University of Salford

The Register - Music Industry blames net for all evils.

Vintage Cassettes - History of the compact cassette

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