BERN / BERNE (CH) 27-31.10.2011

1) Welcome to 60th IARC in Berne
Welcome speech from Marc Savary, Director General SRG SSR
2) J.S. Bach-Kantate BWV 150: Ton Berkhout, Dordrecht/NL
This recording was made with four microphones in the church of Tienhoven in Holland. As the church has no organ, a mobile instrument was used.
3) Stimmungsaufnahme im Moor:Jos Korenromp, Groenlo/NL
In this recording made in twilight in the upland moor Haaksbergerveen you can hear moorhen, coot, water rail, white spotted bluethroat and shoveler.
4) Entspannung mit himmlischen Saiten- und Meeresgesängen: Markus Mast, Bösingen/CH
A Playback recording of a bronze harp and a Bohemian harp, played by Myrijam Blank and accompanied with dolphin and whale sounds.
5) Lachen und Lächeln: Rolf Bolliger, Orpund/CH
This recording presents thoughts about laughing in verses and many original sounds.
6) Hommage ŕ Jean Tinguely: Heiner Schaub, Wettingen/CH
A memory for the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely (1925-1991) and his moving sculptures. The sculpture "Heureka" inspired Heiner Schaub to create a sculpture in sound. The solution was the noise of a high tech machine for processing colour pictures.
7) Rhapsodie in Es majeur: Hans Ippel, Capelle aan den Ijssel/NL
This recording shows the power and dynamic of this work by Brahms. It was recorded in the Grote Kerk in Wageningen and played by the 31 year old Wouter J. Bakker from Holland.
8) Lux Aeterna: Cardiff Recording Club, Cardiff/UK
A live recording of the Cardiff Ardwyn Singers with the Cardiff Chamber Orchestra under direction of David Leggett. Recorded without a rehearsal in Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff.
9) Lover Come Back To Me: Roger Allen
A mixed-down multitrack recording. The original sounds are played by Brandy Juan at various places in England, Australia and even on a ship.
10) Lachen lächeln: Markus Mast, Bösingen/CH
For this recording Markus Mast invited some friends with special laughs. The object was that the people should cause each other to laugh. Listen to the result and laugh!
11) Ouvertüre Zauberflöte: Johannes Waldmeier, München/D
You hear the Munich vocal ensemble The Quartbreakers with the overture from Mozart‘s Magic Flute, recorded with three microphones.
12) Hochzeit und das Ja-Wort: Ernst Schmid, Wildegg/CH
This interview shows impressively the wedding wows of Paul and Annegret Frey. For more than 46 years this couple has been living an intense marriage despite the loss of a daughter and a hard illness of the wife.
13) Evening Cacophony: Philip Rudkin, Stamford/GB
You hear a mixture of sounds (tree frogs, marsh frogs, field crickets etc.) The recording was made in a water treatment works at the end of the village.
14) Samuel und sein Freund Cello: Otakar Kudrna: Hinwil/CH
You hear the soloist Samuel, who is very talented and only 12 years old. The support comes from an amateur orchestra in which the soundhunter himself is playing.
15) Geese in Biesbosch: Ton Berkhout, Dordrecht/NL
You can listen to two grey geese in the Dutch national park Biesbosch. Despite the bad recording conditions — wet and mush — the soundhunter achieved a good recording.
16) Die mechanische Grotte: Florian M. König, Germering/D
The dripping noise from within a small cave was cut and mixed to a melody based on an instrumental basis.
17) Rhytm and Routine: Nico Warnaar, Capelle a. den Ijssel/NL
A sound collage with more than 200 sounds illustrati g a day in the life of a factory worker.
18) Take Five: Bruno Hauser, Vilsbiburg/D
You hear Heinz Riedmann at the organ and Andreas Gelbach on guitar. Recorded in the parish church Heilige Familie (Holy Family) in Munich. To achieve a better recording the players were separated acoustically and only connected with a video signal.
19) Le bourdon de Notre-Dame: Stefan Kudelski, CH
This first reportage about the tower of Notre Dame marks the start of a long and wonderful history of a portable tape recorder. The name NAGRA celebrated in 2011 its 60th anniversary. Stefan Kudelski, in 1952 student at the Ecole polytechnique in Lausanne invented this machine and improved it afterwards with various follow-up models.

FICS (International Federation of Soundhunters)

The FICS (Fédération Internationale des Chasseurs de Sons) was founded in 1956 and currently has seven member states: Germany, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Since 1952, an annual international recording contest (IARC/IWT/CIMES) has been organised. In addition to audio submissions in various categories, the contest also features video and multimedia recordings.

For more information please contact:

FICS, Riedernrain 264, CH-3027 BERN

Réalisation: SRG SSR - Radio Suisse Romande

Montage:Studio Extra, CH-3178 Bösingen

Production: Tonstudio Harald Braun, D-91207 Lauf

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