BANBURY (GB) 22 - 26.10.2009

  1. Carols of Death: Hans Ippel, Wageningen/NL
    Concert recording of the mixed choir “Musica vocale”, conducted by Rob Vermeulen in the old St. Walburgis Church in Arnhem. Composer William Schuman (1910 — 1992). The third movement “To all, to each”, by Walt Whitman, is heard here. GRAND PRIZE 2009
  2. From Big Bang to Big Hole: Nico Warnaar, Capelle aan den Ijssel/NL
    Drawing on the special theme “Wake-up call”, the sound hunter demonstrates the creation of the Earth in 4 parts: universe — appearance of life — awakening of nature — the end of all things in a black hole.
  3. Bagpipes and Organ: Alain Trémel, Paris/F
    Unusual combination of two instruments, bagpipes and organ, in Holy Trinity Cathedral in Paris. This recording was made during the break between two masses.
  4. A Passion for Railways: Mike Dickins, Worcestershire/GB
    Documentary about an Englishman who helps run steam railway trains in England. He has also built a 32mm model train set 150 meters long in his garden.
  5. Kaleidoscope of Factory Samples: Pieter Verhard, Dordrecht/NL
    A composition of synthesized factory noises, created with 40 loops and samples. The beginning is calm, then the pace progressively increases in tempo and intensity.
  6. Last broadcast of Radio Beromünster: Heiner Schaub, Wettingen/CH
    In 1931 the medium wave radio station in Beromünster broadcast its first program. Seventy-seven years later the station was closed down. This recording documents the final 10 minutes of the station’s life, recorded with a crystal receiver placed directly next to the broadcast tower.
  7. Etude revolutionnaire: Jo Tompers, Aachen/L
    A synthesized orchestration of Chopin’s famous composition for piano. The recording reveals a new dimension in sound.
  8. Trombopigmalimba’s Dream Remix: Arthur Stammet and Marc Heyart, Luxembourg/L
    The piece was produced exclusively with voice samples. Modified on the computer, the original voices are completely unrecognizable.
  9. Evening Bells: Helmut Schulz, Bielefeld/D
    Recording (using the “Jecklin disk”) of the Don Cossack Choir, in St. Paul’s Church, Bielefeld.
  10. Suicidaldj — Vltava (radio edit): Tomas Krajci, Kosice/SK
    Adaptation of the famous Smetana symphony “The Moldau”, with synthesizer and PC.
  11. Nocturnal atmosphere and Sound Hunting: Jean Daudin, Geneva/CH
    Recording of the sounds of nature on the high plateau Causse Méjean in France. The sound hunter demonstrates the sheer variety that nature has to offer when one takes the time to observe and listen closely.
  12. Hymn IRS: Tomas Laco, Bzince pod Javorinou/SK
    Well-known jingle for the school radio station IRS, played by the station’s own band. The piece is based on a Slovak folksong.
  13. Scarlatti Fragments: Roger Long and Adrian Keefe, Stroud/GB
    A recording of two recently discovered compositions by Alessandro Scarlatti; this is probably the very first recording ever made of the piece.
  14. Requiem by Domenico Cimarosa: Guy Cosson, Paris/F
    Recorded in the Dominican Cloister in Paris. Soloists are : Isabelle Philippe (soprano), Etienne Lescroart (tenor), Leonid Karev (organ), Marie Renée Cazabon (conductor).
  15. Amazing Grace: Markus Mast, Bösingen/CH
    The harp and harmonica are played simultaneously by the musician Myriam Blank. A rain pipe was added to the final mix.
  16. Bohemian Suite: Milan Haering, Prague/CZ
    Part of a concert given by 55 young musicians from Brigham Young University in Utah, USA, at Sts. Simon and Jude Church in Prague, conducted by Dr.Kory Katseanes.
  17. A French Dawn Chorus: Philip Rudkin, Stamford/GB
    Nocturnal impressions from nature, in Ronsenal, France.
  18. Drums, Rhythm and Voodoo: Leo Salazar/DOM
    Live recording on Virgin’s Day in the Dominican Republic. The celebration goes on day and night. Here a sample of drums, esoteric rhythm and voodoo.

Réalisation: SRG SSR idée suisse - Radio Suisse Romande

Montage:Studio Extra, CH-3178 Bösingen

Production: aare media GmbH, CH-3145 Oberscherli

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