SAARBRÜCKEN (D) 23 - 27.10.2008

  1. The Big Train Ride: Nico Warnaar, Capelle aan den Ijssel/NL - GRAND PRIX 2008
    Nico Warnaar describes his impressions of his 6-day train ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing. The 8000 mile stretch passes through 300 train stations and seven time zones. (8:04)
  2. Railway: Mike Dickins, Kidderminster/GB
    Steam locomotives have not been used regularly since 1967, but there are still many heritage railways. Mike Dickins visited the Severn Valley Railway, which stretches for 26 kilometres and carries 250,000 passengers a year. (7:42)
  3. Winter Wonderland: Hans Ippel, Wageningen/NL
    "Vivavoce", an amateur ensemble from Wageningen presents this song which Hans Ippel recorded live during a church performance. (3:54)
  4. Pan Pipe and Organ: Bruno Hauser, Vilsbiburg/D
    Bruno Hauser's recording in the Holy Family Church in Munich is an experiment: he installed two dynamic microphones in the CLARA disk. (2:47)
  5. Hans on the String Bass - What fun!: Markus Mast, Bösingen/CH
    Nowadays this instrumentation (bass, clarinet..) in the folk music of Graubünden, Switzerland, is very rare. Markus Mast's recording is an attempt to preserve this music for posterity. (3:15)
  6. Orca's Rise: Florian M. König, Germering/D
    Climate change and the extinction of large animals such as the orca whales inspired Florian M. König in the production of this composition. (4:00)
  7. Jubilee Concert: Piet Luitwieler, Didam/NL
    This project presents the oldest cabinet organ in Holland (built in 1737), which has stood in the church of Lathurn, near Arnheim, since 1957. (2:47)
  8. Inferno in Wildegg: Ernst Schmid, Wildegg/CH
    Ernst Schmid was able to film a large fire in a garage, and the fire department's attempts to extinguish it. (4:43)
  9. Fascinating Sound of Two Guitars: Markus Mast, Bösingen/CH
    The special sound of guitar music is presented here with Jochen Vogel's composition "Out of the Sea". (2:42)
  10. The Big Band: Wally Huisman, Bussum/NL
    This work is in fond memory of the IWT 2007 in Budweis, and is also a tribute to Wally himself, who died in 2008. The Rozhlasory Swingory Orchestra plays "In the Mood". (3:56)
  11. The Little Ding-a-Ling Train: Michael Praetsch, Eschwege/D
    This is an interview with Erich Storz, who became famous in 1956 with his song "The Little Ding-a-Ling Train". The idea for this project came from a trip on the Osterode-Kreiensen train which was officially closed down in 1967. (8:06)
  12. Eclipse by the Horn - The Hunt: Joe Osborne, Huddersfield/GB
    Joe Osborne takes us to an artist's home in Upernavik in Greenland. The basis for this project is the roaring of the ocean, which is heard here manipulated and in its natural state. (4:56)
  13. Train Station Sounds: Piet Luitwieler, Didam/NL
    A mix of various sounds (arriving and departing trains, whistles, loudspeaker announcements) recorded in Dutch train stations. (3:52)
  14. Live-A Humble: Milan Haering, Prague/CZ
    The Norwegian Nittetal Bygdekor Choir sang a guest performance at St.Nikolaus Cathedral in Prague. Milan Haering recorded the 65-voice choir. (2:34)
  15. Barrel Organ Festival in Dordrecht: Ton Berkhout, Dordrecht/NL
    At this year's festival, Ton Berkhout discovered a special instrument, a ceramic pipe organ. The owner Geert Jacobs built it himself. (7:41)
  16. Dusk in Rainy Costa Rica: John Paterson, Winchester/GB
    A live recording in the rain forest at twilight. The rain begins, frogs, toads, screeching monkeys and many birds enrich the sounds of the forest, and in the meantime the storm is approaching... (2:04)

Réalisation: SRG SSR idée suisse - Radio Suisse Romande

Montage:Studio Extra, CH-3178 Bösingen

Production: aare media GmbH, CH-3145 Oberscherli

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