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British Sound Recording Association
(formerly the Federation of British Tape Recordists)


All membership subscriptions are renewable on 1st January. Reduced subscriptions are available for those joining later in the year, or a credit is given towards the next renewal (there is no reduction in respect of the MCPS licence). There is no separate joining fee.

The membership categories and fees for 2011-2 are:
CategoryAnnual fee
Individual membership 26.00
Family membership
(voting rights for two people)
Overseas membership 32.00
Club membership 32.00
Trade Associateship
including one nominated member
MCPS Amateur Recording Licence
(includes 50p administration fee)

Each membership category includes Recording News and Soundtrack.

Club membership is open to tape, hi-fi and similar clubs plus charity groups such as talking newspapers and hospital broadcasting organisations. Members of such clubs and groups may join the Association at the reduced rate and will then receive their own copies of Soundtrack and Recording News.

Members of clubs and groups may purchase individual MCPS licences. A licence in the name of the club is only valid for club activities and does not cover members' individual recordings.

Trade associateship is intended for companies wishing to support the aims and activities of the Association. Trade Associates may make use of the Association Logo. Staff members of Trade Associates can obtain discounted membership of the Association.

Please note that some increases and changes will take effect from the 2012-13 membership year.

To join the BSRA please download and print the Application Form (DELETED) and send it with the appropriate remittance to the address on the form.

Sorry, membership of this association is closed.

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Last updated 2nd December, 2023