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Important Notice

In 2014 some mbers of the BSRA Committee decided to form an alternative organisation which became known as UKARA - United Kingdom Audio Recording Association. (email them).

At it's AGM in Oxfordshire on 10th May 2014 the members of the BSRA voted to wind up the Association. The remaining members of the Council were charged to liquidate the Association’s assets and put forward options for the disposal of residual funds to the membership.The proposals were to be voted on at a final General Meeting which had provisionally been arranged for 22nd November 2014 but was postponed until 2015.

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British Sound Recording Association
(formerly the Federation of British Tape Recordists)

A nationwide group of individuals and clubs devoted to
creative sound recording, and video with creative sound.

Affiliated to the International Federation of Soundhunters

President: Tony Faulkner   Vice-President: John Rutter, CBE

Organisers of the

British Amateur Recording Contest (BARC)

and past organisers of the

International Amateur Recording Contest

Members at Work

Members of the Cardiff Recording Club record the South Wales Talking Magazine for the Blind.
A video by Simon Winkler


BSRA Trade Associate Member
TSProfessional Sound + Light

Please note that the BSRA has no connection with an organisation of the same name which existed in the 1950s.

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