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British Sound Recording Association
(formerly the Federation of British Tape Recordists)


As amended at the BSRA AGM

21st May 2005

1. Name.
The name of the Association shall be the "British Sound Recording Association", hereafter referred to as the "Association".
2. Aims and objects.
The aims and objectives of the Association shall be to promote all aspects of amateur sound recording.
3. Membership.
The Association shall consist of Individual Members and Member Clubs, herein referred to as "Members".
4. Members.
4.1 There shall be eligible as Members those Individuals who show genuine interest in the aims and objects of the Association.
4.2There shall also be eligible as Members those amateur Clubs and organisationswhich [text deleted] have, to the satisfaction of the Council, a genuine interest in the aims and objects of the Association.
5. Termination of Membership.
5.1 Any member wishing to resign from the Association shall send a letter of resignation to the Honorary Secretary accompanied by any arrears of subscription or other monies owing to the Association and shall promptly return any property of the Association which may at any time have been lent to him or otherwise placed in his custody.
5.2 Acceptance of his resignation shall not relieve a Member from any liability, financial or otherwise, occurring prior to such acceptance.
5.3 A Member in arrears with his subscription by more than three months shall, unless otherwise directed by the Council, cease to be a Member. The Member shall remain liable to the Association for any monies then owing by him and for any property lent or placed in the custody or control of said Member.
5.4 If it shall appear to the Council or be represented to them by notice in writing signed by not less than three Members of the Association that there is reason to believe that the conduct of any Member has been such that it would not be in the interests of the Association to permit such a Member to enjoy the privileges of Membership, the Council shall send to such a Member a statement in writing of the allegations made and shall afford the Member an opportunity to reply to them in person or in writing.
5.5 The Council shall give due regard to all representations made by the Member, but if it shall be of the opinion after due consideration that the name shall be removed from the register and that the Membership shall cease, it shall have the power so to resolve.
5.6 Any Member who has been expelled from the Association shall remain liable to the Association for any monies then owing by him and for any property lent to him or otherwise placed in his custody or control.
6. Fees and subscriptions.
The amount of fees and subscriptions shall be fixed by resolution of the Members in a General Meeting.
7. Meetings.
7.1 There shall be an Annual General Meeting each year, held not later that the 30th day of June at which the audited accounts will be presented and necessary Officers elected for the ensuing year.
7.2 Twenty-one days notice of such meeting shall be given to Members who have provided an address within the British Isles, together with a copy of the audited income and expenditure account and balance sheet for the previous calendar year.
7.3 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by not less than six Members of the Association making application in writing to the Honorary Secretary. This application shall provide sixty days notice of such a meeting and shall contain specific information of all business to be transacted thereat. The signatories of the application shall be prepared to defray the cost of such a meeting, if so required.
7.4 Thirty days notice of every Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given to Members who have provided an address within the British Isles.
7.5 The quorum at all General Meetings shall be ten percent of the Membership or twenty persons, whichever is the lesser number.
7.6 The non-receipt of any notification of any General Meeting shall not invalidate the business transacted, nor shall non-receipt by or from any Member of any ballot paper invalidate any election.
8. Nominations.
8.1 A list of eligible persons nominated for the offices of the Association shall be sent to each Member with notification of the Annual General Meeting.
8.2 Any other eligible nominations will be accepted up to the opening of the Annual General Meeting.
9. Votes of Members.
9.1 Individual Members shall be entitled to one vote.
9.2 Member Clubs shall be entitled to one vote.
9.3 Members unable to attend any General Meeting may exercise their vote by means of a Form of Proxy.
10. Ruling Body.
10.1 Subject to the provisions of the Constitution the sole control and management of the income, property, and affairs of the Association shall be vested in a duly elected Council.
10.2 The Council may formulate and publish rules for the effectual administration and conduct of the affairs of the Association as and when they consider necessary.
10.3 The Council shall consist of the following Officers who must hold current Membership and be resident in the British Isles:
  • Chairman
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Audio Archivist
  • Video Archivist
  • Membership Secretary
  • Publications Editor
  • Contest Secretary
10.4 The Council may appoint a President and Vice-presidents, who will be Honorary Members, and also other members, area representatives, form subcommittees and co-opt members for special purposes, for a period of one year.
10.5 The Officers of the Council shall be elected for a period of three years, retiring Officers being eligible for re-election.
10.6 Council Meetings shall be held at least four times during each calendar year.
10.7 A quorum shall consist of five members of the Council. In the event of any equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
11. Application of Income.
11.1 The income and property of the Association shall be applied solely to the benefit of the whole of the Members; the only exception being the refund of expenses properly incurred in the course of Association duties, and as approved by the Council.
11.2 Accounts shall be kept in respect of the assets and liabilities of the Association, and they shall be balanced at the 31st December each year and audited annually.
11.3 In the event of the dissolution of the Association, any funds remaining after outstanding debts have been cleared shall be disposed of as directed by Members at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
12. Alterations to the Constitution.
No deletions or additions to this Constitution shall be made unless authorised by resolution at a General Meeting. Any proposed alteration must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least sixty days prior to a General Meeting.

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