53ème CIMES - 53rd IARC - 53. IWT

Concours international du Meilleur Enregistrement Sonore
International Amateur Recording Contest
Internationaler Wettbewerb der besten Tonaufnahme

FICS flag

21st - 25th October, 2004

Hotel Poppy

Piestany, Slovakia

organised by

Slovenská Spolocnost Elektronikov

(Slovak Society of Electronics)

Grand Prix Audio

"Seaside Rendez-vous" - Ru van Wezel (NL)

Overall Results / Palmares Total

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Results by Category / Palmares par catégorie

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Photo Galleries

Gallery 1 - Richard Porter

Gallery 2 - Uwe Mehlhaff



Thème - Thema - Set Subject

(Cat./Kat. G)

Stand up and Walk

Lève-toi et marche

Steh auf und Geh


Report of the Audio Representative

Uwe Mehlhaff looks at the latest developments
and reviews two major shows in Germany.

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