Concours international du Meilleur Enregistrement Sonore
International Amateur Recording Contest
Internationaler Wettbewerb der besten Tonaufnahme

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Each participating country may have up to four judges and may appoint one member of the Prize Commission. There is also a separate Radio Jury comprising representatives of national broadcasting organisations, which awards the Radio Prize.

The jury elects two scrutineers to oversee fair play. In particular they will be on the look-out for deliberate low marking of probable winners in order to give the judge's country a better chance.

Audio entries are marked out of 10 for (a) the idea, (b) the realisation of the idea and (c) technical excellence. Video and multimedia entries are marked out of 10 for (a) the idea, (b) picture production and (c) sound production. "Production" includes design, editing and realisation of the idea, and not just technical quality. Low marks should be given for material taken directly from commercial sources.

A judge may not mark entries from his own country. An entrant may not be a judge for the same section (audio, video or multimedia) as his or her entry.

The judges’ marks are averaged and the entries are ranked accordingly within each section (audio, video and multimedia).

Finally, the marks for entries from each country are averaged to give the national classification. Countries must submit at least four entries in a section to qualify.

Prizes are allocated in order of value after taking into account any stipulations made by donors. The Prize Commission will try to ensure that the winner of each category receives a prize as long as the recording is of an acceptable standard (a sole entry in a class will not necessarily receive a prize). It will also endeavour to see that prizes are suitable for their recipients having regard to media formats and languages, and that where practicable prizes are not awarded to an entrant from the same country as the donor.

How to Enter CIMES

The entries to CIMES are selected by the member organisations of FICS which usually have their own national contests. Therefore it is necessary to enter the national contest in the first instance. If your entry is selected you may be asked to provide a script or synopsis in the three FICS languages, English, French and German.

It is also possible for entrants in other countries to submit entries directly to, and with the prior agreement of, the organising committee in the host country. The limit on the number of entries from any country still applies.

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